Applause 2020/21 Grant Summary

We are a 501c3 created in 2001 to support LFHS music programs.  We raise money through membership, the December Spaghetti dinner fundraiser, and yard sign sales.

Thanks to our generous donors, Applause was able to make several grants to the LFHS music department during this 2020/21 COVID school year.

All of our grants awarded this year supported the entire LFHS music program.

Spaghetti Dinner Virtual Music Production - $1895 (58% share with the HS)

Virtual Concert "Spring Ahead with Music" - $1813.50 (50% share with the HS)

Spring Concert on the Green - $5000

Ravinia-style concert on the LFHS front lawn.

Honors Competition - $1475

Applause sponsored the 33rd Annual Honors Competition in February. Sponsorship includes paying 3 judges and providing prize money for the winners.

Spring Europe Trip - spring trip was canceled due to Covid

Award for Excellence in Music - $4000

Given to recognize outstanding musical accomplishments to senior music students. Awards of $1000 each are available in these categories: Band, Orchestra, Chorus, and Other (examples are Composition, Conducting, Music Theory, or a tie in one category). Winners are announced at the LFHS Honors Night in May.

Lesson Scholarships -$400 (2 students)

Need-based scholarships are available to students in the LFHS music program. The scholarship covers ½ of each lesson fee up to $200/semester.

Instrument Switcher Scholarships - $120 (1 student)

Private, in-school music lesson scholarships are available to students who have been approached by a music director to switch musical instruments.

Summer Music Camps and Programs Scholarships -$0

These grants are intended to encourage and support LFHS music student participation in organized summer music camps and programs. Applause will provide up to $250 per student. We had no applications this year.