Applause GRANTS


Applause funds are used to enhance and enrich the musical education of LFHS students participating in curricular and extra curricular music programs.  Applause offers grants and other financial support to the LFHS music department.  The grants are used for equipment or events (e.g. master classes, guest conductors, commissioned music, guest performers, workshops, musical outings) that would not normally fit into the Music Department budget.  Applause will accept grant requests submitted by Music Department staff, ensembles, students or parents.

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Applause funds are to be used to enhance and enrich the musical education of LFHS students participating in curricular and extracurricular music programs. Applause funds should not be used to supplant the monies District 115 has a responsibility to provide to fund the Music Department's budget. Grants are to be submitted in writing to the Vice President of Grants and Development (Applause Board) and then may be voted on at the next general board meeting. Grant motions must be approved by a majority of the voting members present at the meeting.

2019-2020 School Year Grant Summary

One Time Grants

Band, Orchestra and Choir

STAR WARS MUSIC for the Spring Concert

For the first time we are aware of the Band, Orchestra and Choir will perform together the classic music of Star Wars.  Applause is thrilled to support this wonderful collaboration by renting the music.  This grant was cancelled due to Covid-19.

Jazz Band

Jazz Clinic with the Lara Driscoll Quartet

In January, the well known Chicago based Lara Driscoll Quartet performed and then had a working session with our Jazz Band.  It was very well received by the students and helped prepare them for the February Jazz Festival performance and the spring Women in Jazz Conference

Band and Orchestra

Movie and Pizza Night

In December, Applause sponsored a fun and relaxing pizza/movie night for LFHS Band and Orchestra students at the RMA auditorium.

All Music Departments

Video Recorder Purchase

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, Applause purchased a video recorder, tripod stand , case and SD card for all music departments to use. It has been put to use recording the Honors Recital and other performances and rehearsals.  The students us the videos for post performance reflection.


In addition to the one time Grants, Applause also has several standing Grants that occur every year.

Honors Competition

Applause sponsored the 33rd Annual Honors Competition Sunday, February 23, 2020.  Applause sponsorship includes paying 3 judges and providing prize money for the winners.  We are proud of all who participated.  25 musicians made it to the final round. We congratulate the following 2019-2020 winners:

Piano Division

1st place - Eva Sharman

2nd place - Priya Krishnaswamy

String Division

1st place - Grace Mockus

2nd place- Jane Mockus

Brass Division

1st place - Mark Smirnoff

2nd place - Isaac Poulton

Woodwind Division

Winner - Emma Bradley

Junior Voice

Winner - Alexander Panos

Senior Voice

1st Place - Katie Finnegan

2nd Place - Lucia Marquez

Spring Europe Trip - Spring Trip was cancelled due to Covid-19


Scholarships for Excellence in Music

Given to recognize outstanding musical accomplishments to senior music students.  Awards of $1000 each are available in these categories: Band, Orchestra, Chorus and Other (examples are Composition, Conducting, Music Theory or a tie in one category).  Winners are announced at the LFHS Honors Night in May.

2020 Scholarship recipients:

Applause Scholarship For Excellence in Music (Band) - Mark Smirnov

Applause Scholarship For Excellence in Music (Orchestra) there are (2) in this category this year - Jane Mockus and Grace Mockus

Applause Scholarship For Excellence in Music (Chorus) - Priya Krishnaswamy

Lesson Scholarships

Need-based scholarships are available to students in the LFHS music program.  The scholarship covers ½ of each lesson fee up to $150/semester

Instrument Switcher Scholarships

Private, in-school music lesson scholarships are available to students who have been approached by a music director to switch musical instruments and need help covering costs.

Grants for Summer Music Camps and Programs

These grants are intended to encourage and support LFHS music student participation in organized summer music camps and programs.  Applause will provide up to $250 per student.